Visa Free - Grodno and park «Augustow Canal»

TrophyBelTour proposes to use the opportunity to visit the most beautiful and interesting places of the border areas of Belarus without a visa in the passport. This document you can get in electronic form via the Internet. All what you need - is to fill the form for visa-free entry to Belarus on our website.

How to get a pass?

  • - Fill out an application online by specifying your passport details and date of visit
  • - After filling the form, you can pay for the service by credit card or by money transfer through bank
  • - Within 1-2 working days pass will be ready and we will send it to your email box
  • - The pass should be printed out and carry with you during the whole time of your stay in the territory of the park area of Grodno - Augustow Canal

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What you need to know for visa-free entry to Belarus

Border crossing for visa-free entry – exit

You can cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Poland - it is possible only at the checkpoints:

  • - Lesnaya (BY) – Rudavka (PL)
    from 01 may to 30 Sep
  • - Bruzgi (BY) – Kuznica Belostockaya (PL)

with the Republic of Lithuania - it is possible only at the checkpoints:

  • - Privalka(BY) – Švendubrė(LT)
    from 01 may to 30 Sep
  • - Privalka(BY) – Raigardas(LT)

Nowadays you can't arrive in Grodno without visa using the train.

Territories of Visa Free

The boundaries of the Park "August channel" marked with special warning signs. In the boundaries of the Park include Grodno, and the following village councils.

  • - Sopockin village council
  • - Gozha village council
  • - Podlabensky village council
  • - Koptevsky village council
  • - Odelsky village council

Welcome to Belarus!

Scheme of the park «Augustow Canal»

map of Augustow canal

Download and print the scheme of the park «Augustow Canal»

Video «Augustow Canal»