"Christmas Miracles" Lithuania Belarus!

Tour program
1 day
Arrival of tourists to the airport Vilnius, Lithuania. Moving to the old part of Vilnius, an exciting Christmas tour of Vilnius Evening. The tour begins with a Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square, we will walk along the medieval streets where the Jews used to live, then the Town Hall Square and the wonders of the "Russian corner", dinner in a cozy restaurant.
In the program of the excursion New Year's lotteries with surprises will be held.
Hotel accommodation. There is also a shopping center, restaurants.
Rest and free time. In the city center taxi (10evro)
Additionally, we offer a dinner in a nightclub in Vilnius with striptease (programs in the appendix)
2 day
Breakfast. Moving and getting to know the town of Trakai. A small hour excursion around the city and the castle of Trakai Castle. During the excursion we will visit the store of the world-famous Trakai chocolate factory. Chocolate is made here from elite Belgian raw materials.
Moving to Grodno with the passage of the Belarusian border.
Excursion to the agrotouristic estate "Korobchitsy". At the entrance we will be met on horseback by the mistress of the hostess Zevan, in an original suit, will conduct an excursion and invite to dinner a tasting of the national dishes of Belarusian cuisine.
Moving and fascinating excursion to the farm of Count Tyzengauz. Before the festive dinner, we offer you to visit the cellars of the wine cellar with a tasting of the best varieties of local cheese and Georgian wines. Those who wish can ride a horse drawn sleigh, make horseback riding or ride in a carriage. Festive dinner at the farm. During the dinner you will receive an animation Christmas program and master classes of Belarusian dance "Krakaviak", "Lyavonikha", "Narachechanka", "Polka Babachka".
Folvarek offers a Russian bath.
3 day
Zavtrak. Vyseleniye iz otelya.
Segodnya posle nebol'shoy obzornoy ekskursii po korolevskomu gorodu Grodno my otpravimsya v Belovezhskuyu pushchu, v gosti k nastoyashchemu belorusskomu Dedu Morozu i Snegurochke. Ozhivshey skazkoy Belovezhskoy pushchi yavlyayetsya «Pomest'ye belorusskogo Deda Moroza», gde mozhno okunut'sya v volshebnyy charuyushchiy mir, sozdannyy umelymi rukami masterov – rezchikov po derevu. Pomest'ye – eto prodolzheniye zavorazhivayushchey magii drevnego lesa, sozdannaya lyudskimi rukami skazka, kotoraya yestestvenno vpisyvayetsya v yego kolorit. U vkhoda v Pomest'ye mozhno prokatit'sya na Novogodnem poyezde, a v torgovykh ryadakh kupit' suveniry, zayti v uyutno oborudovannuyu «Khatu Deda Moroza» Obed v restorane Belovezhskoy pushchi. Pereyezd v Kobrin .
Soobshchestvo «Mukhovets'ka kumora» predlagayet svoyu udivitel'nuyu programmu «Istorii i legendy Poles'ya» Zayezd v agrousad'bu «Knyazhaya gora», istoricheskiy ekskurs v epokhu rannego srednevekov'ya. Pamyat' o knyagine Ol'ge, s kotoroy svyazano pervoye letopisnoye upominaniye o Kobrine.
Programma: master-klass po chekanke monet s uchastiyem gostey.
obed na agrousad'be ( starinnaya polesskaya kukhnya).
vystupleniye fol'klornogo kollektiva «Magdalena», pokaz starinnogo svadebnogo obryada s uchastiyem gostey (svadebnyye khorovody, pesni).
Belorusskaya svad'ba! Kak pravilo, yeye assotsiiruyut s vesel'yem, razmakhom i shchedrost'yu. Traditsionno, vse svadebnoye torzhestvo v Belarusi delilos' na tri chasti: predsvadebnaya ("zapyty", svatovstvo, pomolvka), svadebnaya (venchaniye i svad'ba) i poslesvadebnaya ("medovyy mesyats").
master-klass po starinnym polesskim narodnym tantsam s uchastiyem gostey.
Foto sessiya, sbor u avtobusa, ot"yezd.
Nochleg v komfortabel'nom otele.
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.
Today, after a short sightseeing tour of the royal city of Grodno, we will travel to Belovezhskaya Pushcha to visit the real Belarusian Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden. An animated fairy tale of Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the "Manor of the Belarusian Father Frost", where you can plunge into the magical fascinating world created by the skillful hands of woodcarvers. The estate is a continuation of the enchanting magic of the ancient forest, a fairy tale created by human hands, which naturally fits into its color. At the entrance to the Manor you can ride on the New Year's train, and in the shopping arcade to buy souvenirs, go to the comfortably equipped "Santa Claus Hat". Lunch at the restaurant of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Moving to Kobrin.
Community "Mukhovetska Kumora" offers its amazing program "Stories and legends of Polesie" Arrival to the agro-recreation "Knjazhaya Gora", a historical excursion in the era of the early Middle Ages. The memory of Princess Olga, with whom the first chronicle mention of Kobrin is related.
The program: a master class on coinage with the participation of guests. lunch at the agro-town (old Polesie cuisine).
performance of the folklore collective "Magdalena", the display of an old wedding ceremony with the participation of guests (wedding dances, songs).
Belarusian wedding! As a rule, it is associated with fun, scope and generosity. Traditionally, all the wedding celebrations in Belarus were divided into three parts: pre-wedding ("trials", matchmaking, engagement), wedding (wedding and wedding) and post-wedding ("honeymoon").
master class on ancient Polissya folk dances with guests. Photo session, picking up from the bus, departure. Overnight in a comfortable hotel.
4 day
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.
Our next day excursion will be, perhaps, the most intense day. Visit the castle in Nesvizh. In the 16th century and until the first half of the 20th century Nesvizh was the residence of one of the most powerful families of Eastern Europe. Moving to Mir settlement. Before you continue the tour, you will be offered lunch in the restaurant of the castle. After that we will go on a tour of one of the most magnificent castles - the castle of the Radziwills.
p.s. Settlement The world in the past was known as a Jewish place. In the museum "Mir Posad" we will hear the history of the village, its legends. Culture of the Jews of the World. We will visit the yeshiva. The World Yeshiva was founded in 1815. It was the second largest (250 pupils) yeshiva for the training of rabbis. Closed in 1940. To date, it has its branches in Israel and the United States and is the largest in the world ... Heder is a Jewish religious primary school. According to other sources, this is the former home of the rabbi.
Transfer to Minsk. Hotel accommodation. Free time. The hotel is located in the center of Minsk, there are many cafes, restaurants, underground shopping mall. Later eviction.
5 day
Breakfast. Later eviction.
Excursion around Minsk. (2.5-3 hours)
Moving and crossing the border with Lithuania.
Accommodation in a hotel near the airport. There is also a shopping center, restaurants.
Rest and free time. In the city center taxi (10evro)
At 3.30 night transfer to the airport. (5 km from the hotel)
Price of tour for one person:

The price of the tour includes:
* Transfer (airport), * accommodation (3 * hotels), * 3 meals a day,
* Transport service under the program, * a landing place in the expedition jeep,
* Seat in a sports jeep, * excursion service (tour guide),
* Drivers accompanying, * guide interpreter, * insurance in motor transport.
Additionally paid: Night club, medical insurance, air tickets.

Tours are scheduled every week from Thursday to Tuesday.

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