Belarusian cooking

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We invite you to visit, as part of a tour of four first-class restaurant in the city of Grodno. Located in the buildings of monuments, surrounded by woodland and Park areas, they are the gastronomic attractions of the city. Here guests can enjoy delicious dishes of Belarusian cuisine, including dishes made with wild boar, deer, elk, bison, pheasant and quail, as well as many traditional Slavic drinks such as sbiten and Mead. The best chef's restaurants in our town offer the real food of the kings of the Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish cuisine according to old recipes. The original interior of the restaurants in the style of past centuries, live music, top service and unique atmosphere of the past, will leave the unforgettable impressions.

In the photo You can see only a small part of what You'll be able to try in the Grodno restaurants!