"The Kingdom of Belarus"

Tour program
1 day
Arrival of tourists to the airport Minsk. Transfer to Minsk, check in at the hotel. Dinner. Free time. Optional excursion on evening Minsk.
2 day
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to Nesvizh. Nesvizh castle with its centuries-old history, bewitching legends, is rightfully considered a pearl among the sights of Belarus. In the XVI - first half of the XX century

Nesvizh was the residence of one of the most powerful families of not only Belarus, but the whole of Eastern Europe. Moving to Mir settlement. A royal dinner at the restaurant of the Radziwill Castle and a tour of the castle.

In the museum "Mir Posad" we will hear the history of the village of Mir, its legends. Transfer to Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Accommodation in Zharkovshchina. Dinner. Bathhouse. Recreation.
3 day
Breakfast. We will spend the whole day traveling by cars on Belovezhskaya Pushcha. It is one of the four national parks of Belarus and the largest forest in central Europe. 900 species of plants grow in the Pushcha. The park is famous for its ancient name-bearing oaks, whose age exceeds 500 years. Here there are 59 species of animals: bison, wolves, lynx ...

We will visit the famous residence of the Belarusian Grandfather Frost. In the program visit the complex of enclosures with wild animals.

Lunch in the restaurant of the forest. Return to Zharkovshchina. Dinner. Recreation.
4 day
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. The route of our excursion will pass along the north of the reserve. We will visit the museum of folk life. We will move to the village of Ruzhany, where we will visit the ruins of the former residence of the magnate family of Sapieh in the 17th century.

Transfer to Grodno. Lunch in the restaurant "Royal Hunt" Excursion around Grodno Settling in the agro-culture "Karolinsky folvarak Tizengauza", Dinner.

Master class of Belarusian dance. This is energy, a source of bright folklore, cheerfulness. The farmstead offers: fishing, bicycles, archery, boating, tennis, horseback riding. (at extra charge)
5 day
Breakfast. On this day, we propose to make a real expedition on comfortable off-road cars in the heart of the reserve Augustovy Pushcha to the Augustow Canal.

On the way we will visit some of the best preserved structures of the First World War. Forest trails go to the surviving outpost. The outpost is located in the forest, near the Polish-Belarusian border and because of the complexity of the entrance, not being an object of mass visits by tourists, has remained in that state. Upon arrival at the Augustow Canal, we will take a walk on the ship with a lock. Passing through the lock chamber, due to the water entering them, the steam-ship gradually rises by ten meters - the water level in the Augustow Canal is higher than in the Niemen River. Lunch at the fire at the base of Nemnov. In the evening return to the farm. Dinner. Free time.
6 day
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Traveling along the route: Grodno-Lida-Minsk. In Lida we will visit the famous castle of the 14th century and find ourselves on a medieval wedding.

The history of the wedding, a real historical event of the beginning of the 14th century, 1422 is interesting. Polish King Jagiello at the age of more than 70 years married the 16th or 17-year-old Sophia Golshanskaya for the fourth time, and it was in the Lida Castle that the celebration of the grandiose event lasted ... two months !!! Dinner. Transfer to Minsk. Hotel accommodation. Free time. Breakfast in the hotel. Airport transfer. Departure of the group. (Accommodation depends on the flight of the aircraft)
Price of tour for one person:

The price of the tour includes:
* Transfer (airport), * accommodation (3 * hotels), * 3 meals a day,
* Transport service under the program, * a landing place in the expedition jeep,
* Seat in a sports jeep, * excursion service (tour guide),
* Drivers accompanying, * guide interpreter, * insurance in motor transport.
Additionally paid: Night club, medical insurance, air tickets.

Tours are scheduled every week from Thursday to Tuesday.

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