Grodno fortress –Augustow canal

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1 day
from 5 to 12 peoples
Suitable for VisaFree
Tour program includes:
  • excursions to the forts of Grodno district with guide-historian on off-road vehicles
  • visitting Augustow Canal
  • lunch
  • extreme Trophy-raid on Forests of the Grodno district
  • offer 100 gr. of belarusian alcohol during excursions on the forts

from 55,00 $ 1 person

Price includes:
  • transport services under the program
  • seat in the jeep (If you have the desire and you have a driver's license and driving experience you will can have opportunity to drive off-road vehicle)
  • excursions (tour guide)
  • food (lunch)
  • hot tea, coffee, sandwiches during traveling
    on the road

Additional payment:

  • Registration documents to visa-free entry in Hrodna (Belarus).
  • For a surcharge, a fascinating themed adventure game from team of animators.
взять с собой

Take along your passport, insurance, driver's license (if you wish to drive a car), money, clothes for the forest (a few sets), comfortable shoes, against mosquitoes cream (individually).


If you want to make an offer to the tour program, contact the organizers no later than 1 week before the event starts. We are open to your offers.

Tour program
Get acquainted with vehicles, take place in cars and heading to the place of beginning of excursion.
We will visit the forts № 1 and 2, the stronghold letter "B". The road is asphalt and country road.
Fort № 1 is heavily damaged. Place of the heroic defense of 455-th infantry regiment 17-20 July 1944 y.
Small coffee break.
Will offer 100 gr. of belarusian alcohol and easy snack.
Stronghold and Fort № 2 almost whole. Fort No. 2-the place of mass executions of civilians during the German occupation of 1941-44 years.
Moving in the direction of the Augustow Canal by the forest roads.
Lunch. (for lunch we will be located in a picturesque corner of the park Augustow Canal.)
We will continue our journey along the Canal.
On the way we will see many buildings from the times of the First World War, the floodgates of the Augustow Canal, will experience the off-road and get a lot of new emotions.
Departure in Grodno.